So we’ve had our babies, Dexter and Mabel for 3 months or so. Since mid-November. Well, neither Isaac or I had ever had baby kittens before, so we didn’t know when boy parts emerged. But Dexter looked like a boy and Mabel looked like a girl, so we started talking about getting them fixed soon. They’re brother and sister- we didn’t want an incestuous grandchildren!

Anyways, I come home and Dexter is rolling over the floor all weird and rubbing up against everything. I started thinking, Crap! He must’ve gotten into something and eaten it and I hope he’s not poisoned! So, I go to my handy dandy computer and go to handy dandy google and type in the symptoms.

“cat rolling on floor a lot”  “cats rubbing up against furniture and rolling on floor” etc, etc.

And there, finally after some time of searching, I found my answers.

“Is your cat rolling all over the floor?” Yes…
“Is your cat extremely affectionate all of a sudden?” Well, Dexter’s always affectiona-  “More than normal?” Why, now that you mention Google, yes…
“Cat sticking butt in the air?” After a quick glance I notice that Dexter is in fact sticking his butt in the air. Weird.
“Cats exhibiting these signs are in heat.” Wait, what?

Oh. Dexter is a girl in a heat. Dexter is a she. So we have two sisters instead of potentially incestuous siblings. Well damn.
We aren’t changing her name.
I really can’t believe she’s a she. She looks more feminine now.

She keeps trying to run out the door for a feline booty call, but we told her she’s too young. Maybe when she’s older. We’re great parents, basically.

  1. ahhhhhh parenthood…. just remind them to always take protection… ha! Having “the talk” is always such a joy! 😀

    Sooo funny

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