“It’s a tradition of excellence…”

Today was the first day of classes. The first half of it, I had this anxious feeling gnawing away at my chest as the anticipation grew and grew.

The day started off with introductions from around the room. All fifty of us. Then we got student handbooks, heard speeches from the security and health offices of the hospital we’ll be doing our clinicals at, along with speeches from the school organizations.

We got a speech from the head of our school in which I could myself swelling with pride as Dr. W explained how our school is big on reputation. “It’s a tradition of excellence…” I could see my good friend Bee swelling up with pride next to me as well.

The Student Government Association said that we’ll be holding elections for class officer within the first two weeks. I am considering running for one of the offices. I think it will be a good way to get involved and go ahead and get started on the leadership path since I know I’ll need to get used to it if I ever want to advance. I’m excited!

Well, for now. I’m pretty sure in a few weeks my blog will have turned mopey and depressed about the lack of free time, haha.

So, after lunch, we got our books and uniforms and that was it! One half of the class stayed today to get their uniforms inspected.  My group goes on Wednesday. Our shoes are supposed to be 100% white. I found silver today outlining the N on the New Balances. I swear they looked all white in the store. Isaac didn’t notice either.

I hope I don’t have to take them back. They’re sooooo comfortable. *pouts* See??


They feel like blanket-slippers on my poor aching feet. Ah well. I also found out that I’m going to have to change out my nose ring for a clear one. Drats.

But, overall, I would say today is a success!! I’m super stoked and ready to start learning! Apparently, there’s a lot to learn. All my books don’t fit in my backpack…

And so it begins.

  1. awww your little sparkle nose ring? Im pouting cause its so cute on you!!!. Did I mention that Im happier with that than a tatoo????

    I know that you will show them all what excellence is all about cute stuff!

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