I’ve Got Your Outrage.


Basically, the link above takes you to a story which has also been published on CNN.com.
The gist of it is that two Arab-American/Muslim families were on a plane to go on a vacation in Orlando, Florida. While walking down the aisle looking for a place to sit, they were asking each other what the safest part of the plane would be.
A passenger overheard this and reported them. The two men, their wives, sister, and three small children were all taken off the plane and investigated by the FBI. The remaining 95 passengers were taken off the plane and rescreened along with the baggage.

It gets better.

The FBI screens the family, the heads of house being a tax attorney and an anesthesiologist here in the States, and clears them of any wrongdoing. The airline, AirTran, makes a half-hearted apology….and still refuses to rebook the family’s flight. Even with the FBI trying to push for a new ticket.

So, the FBI had to book them a flight on a different airline.

Not only does the situation irk me, but some of the comments on the story brought fire to my eyes.

Here are some clippings of my personal favorite responses:

“Who cares about these people. Too bad, so sad!…There is no such thing as a muslim or arab American as they have no loyalties to this great nation, only to a dying religion that cvan’t reconsile itself with the modern world. Be cautious of those things that call themselves muslims.” -Bill

“And here’s an idea for all Muslims: if you don’t like being looked at suspiciously, or treated like a potential threat, get the hell out of my country.” -Phil Zern

“Air Tran owed them no apology for putting peoples safety first. Let’s not forget, folks, that not all Muslim are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslim.” -CarolO.

“Again, not all muslims are terrorist…but most all terrorists seem to be muslim.” -Chris Ludlow

And yet, these people still give me hope:

“The apology from AirTran is not good enough. It does not apologize to the family… they should directly apologize to the family … and take steps so this does not happen. I personally will not fly AirTran.” -Far

“Get the hell out of my country?? excuse me? This is my country too. I am a Muslim but I am also an American.” -Viperz4


Where’s the Outrage? I’ve got your outrage. People’s ignorance makes me sick.

  1. I read shit like what happened to that family and it literally makes me want to fuck myself in the head with a bullet.

    It’s a really fucked world. About 3/4 of the time I fly alone, I get the checkered “randomly” chosen extra screening boarding pass. I’m not trying to make something out of nothing, but I can’t help but feel that it’s a race issue. It doesn’t help when my dad, who looks very lebanese, checks me in at the ticket counter.

    Sadly, it’s become fucking commonplace. And to top it off, I JUST booked a ticket from SF-Boston on fucking AirTran.


  2. I sigh. Thats all honey. *sigh* I write about this crap all of the time on my blog and people simply don’t get it. They just don’t. Im outraged too OK? Does that help?

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