Dangers of a Man Rug.

Ugh, I am not a fan of the man rug. I’m not gonna lie. What’s a man rug you ask? The really ridiculously furry chest hair that men sometimes like to sport.

So, man rugs are seemingly harmless right? Wrong!

How could that be, you might be asking yourself now. Well, I’ll tell you.

In my CPR/AED class, I learned that man rugs can get in the way of saving your life. Preposterous? I think not!

If, heaven forbid, an AED (defibrillator machine) needs to be used on a person, a man rug can slow down the process. The pads that go on the chest and/or back may not be able to pick up electric pulses if the man rug is too thick. Protocol calls for a razor (which comes in some of the kits) to be used to shave that part of the chest and then try again. If no razor is available, the first set of pads are applied and then used to rip out the hair. Essentially, wax the areas. A second set of pads are used for the defibrillation.

However, if there is no razor and one set of pads…well, good luck and I hope they get some pulses.

So there you go. A great reason why man rugs are dangerous and should not be allowed.

  1. Man rugs, tattoos.. loads of body piercing….. too much silicone implants …. too much anything… pretty much! Sucks huh?

  2. Ha. Chest hair (if you’re a man) is natural. It’s innate. I pose this question to adult women (at least 21+ of age): would you rather be with a boy (prepubescent-esque chest) or a man (hairy chest)?

  1. January 3rd, 2009

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