Three Days.

Nursing School starts in three days. I am terrified and excited. Wow.

I bought my all white lace-up shoes for school today. Some ridiculously comfy New Balances. My mom got me an awesome digital watch with a second counter for Christmas which has been saving my life at work. I also got a nifty tape recorder for my lectures. I can synch it up to my computer and make podcasts also. I’m very excited.

I have my stethoscope which was a present when I left my last job and I get my uniform on Monday. I can’t believe it is almost time to start.

I’ve been learning a lot at work lately. I’m trying to utilize my resources now that I think I want to work PICU. That may change later on, but that’s the course I’m on right now.

I’ve been learning more about ECMO which is extracorporeal membrane oxynegenation. It is a fascinating machine that acts as your heart and lungs. When someone’s heart is weak or their lungs are diseased, ECMO is used as a last resort. Basically, the person is hooked up to a machine and there are all these tubes that wind around so that blood goes in and out as the machine pumps. Meds like heparin are also used to reduce and, ideally, eliminate blood clotting.

I also learned, yesterday, about the paralytic drugs Vecuronium and Rocuronium. I’m telling you, this stuff fascinates me! When I talk like this to my non-nursing-school-friends (NNSFs), they stare at me blankly and their mouths start crinkling on one side in distaste. Ah well.

Oh! And on December 22nd, I became officially certified in Healthcare Providing CPR and AED machine use. The AED machine is the portable machine with the pads that stick on your chest to deliver shocks. I am super proud and excited about my new knowledge. Hopefully no one collapses in front of me while I’m out and about. But if they do, I can save them! Reassuring, no?

Happy New Year!!

2009 is looking up.

  1. Awww sweetie.. you can talk shop to me any time… Heparin is a fun drug that is used for everything from thinning the blood, to making sure the lines in a IV flow smoothly. Its a de-coagulator. Its also preferable to other types as it leaves the body almost immediately unlike other forms like warfarin which takes days to fully be processed.

    I love medicine… I can’t wait till you start on your journey.

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