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So, my first assessment lab went really really well. I feel really comfortable with doing assessments now. Ishaq let me practice on him yesterday and it went without a hitch! I even remembered everything!
Our first test was today and I think I did really well. I’ll find out in the morning. And by really well, I mean passing. You have to make an 80% or above to pass. Rawr.
I’m heading over to my in-laws house now. Baba isn’t feeling well. Neither am I.

I’ll update mañana as soon as I find out my grade….

“flew home back to where we met, stayed inside I was so upset, cooked up a plan so good except…. I was nineteen, call me.”



What a disappointment.


Yesterday was my first skills lab. I’m now proficient in creating nursing diagnoses. Heck yes! We got to wear our nifty lab coats and had to look professional. Well, we’re supposed to at least. There’s a repeater in our class who opted to wear a velour sweatsuit instead.  Eh, to each his own?

So, we were given case studies and had to put the data on our care-planning tools (CPTs) and formulate diagnostic statements. For instance, P.L. has continuous incontinence r/t diminished bladder cues or impaired ability to recognize bladder cues secondary to CVA (stroke) AEB patient complaints of continually wetting himself day and night.
Mrs. Jones suffers from Deficient Fluid Volume related to vomiting and diarrhea as evidenced by dark yellow urine and dry mucous membranes.

Poor P.L. and poor Mrs. Jones.

I’ve got my first assessment lab on Monday. We’ll be doing our cephalocaudals (head-to-toe assessments examining all of the systems individually). Hoo-rah.

Oh, and Unit I test on Tuesday. Rawrgh.

Today’s been a good day. Woke up to breakfast and coffee made by Isaac and a lovely phone call from mom. I’m content.
And sleepy. Awful sleepy.

Alright, back to transcribing my notes. More to come.

Snow Day

Today was a beautiful snow day spent drinking tea, watching movies, eating good ol’ American hamburgers and french fries while watching the inauguration of our 44th President, Obama, and sledding down hills.
Oh, and Isaac and I also made our first snow man. I got to spend some quality time with Isaac also. It was a great day.

Me, Ishaq, Snowman

That’s our angry Asian Snowman named Jasper. Jasper, the angry snowman.

PS- I also finished all my reading! Success!! That means I’m not a complete bum.

Help Me to Help You

Friday we had our class elections. I ran for VP and some of my friends ran for the other positions. There was only one President and Treasurer, 2 Secretaries, a historian, and then four for the honor court.

So my position was the only one where there were multiple people running and the duties couldn’t be split. So we were the only ones that had to actually stand up and make speeches. Figures. It would be the only position that has to make speeches.

Besides, I didn’t even know we were supposed to have speeches. So the Student Government Association (SGA) Vice Pres. was like “Well, would you like to make your speech?”

Shakingly, I stood up and thought back to 8th grade improv (thanks Ms. Calderon).

“Hey everyone, as you know I’m running for Vice President. I’m basically running because I really want to be involved in the school and be a part of any changes we’re doing. So, uh….help me to help you! Yeah!”

It felt more like a rally than a speech. Everyone applauded and cheered and I raised my arms when I said yeah. The vote was overwhelming and now I’m class Vice President.

Yes we can!!


So we’ve had our babies, Dexter and Mabel for 3 months or so. Since mid-November. Well, neither Isaac or I had ever had baby kittens before, so we didn’t know when boy parts emerged. But Dexter looked like a boy and Mabel looked like a girl, so we started talking about getting them fixed soon. They’re brother and sister- we didn’t want an incestuous grandchildren!

Anyways, I come home and Dexter is rolling over the floor all weird and rubbing up against everything. I started thinking, Crap! He must’ve gotten into something and eaten it and I hope he’s not poisoned! So, I go to my handy dandy computer and go to handy dandy google and type in the symptoms.

“cat rolling on floor a lot”  “cats rubbing up against furniture and rolling on floor” etc, etc.

And there, finally after some time of searching, I found my answers.

“Is your cat rolling all over the floor?” Yes…
“Is your cat extremely affectionate all of a sudden?” Well, Dexter’s always affectiona-  “More than normal?” Why, now that you mention Google, yes…
“Cat sticking butt in the air?” After a quick glance I notice that Dexter is in fact sticking his butt in the air. Weird.
“Cats exhibiting these signs are in heat.” Wait, what?

Oh. Dexter is a girl in a heat. Dexter is a she. So we have two sisters instead of potentially incestuous siblings. Well damn.
We aren’t changing her name.
I really can’t believe she’s a she. She looks more feminine now.

She keeps trying to run out the door for a feline booty call, but we told her she’s too young. Maybe when she’s older. We’re great parents, basically.

Week Two.

Well, week two is done and gone and I’m happy and sleepy. We finished with history and the nursing process and are moving right along into actual skills material. We learned our vital signs and head to toe assessments along with documentation and reporting. Our first lab is Tuesday and I’m super excited to go in and wear my super-cool lab coat. Heck yes! Until then, I will be reading and reading and reading. My homework is all done minus the diabetes article I have to look up tomorrow at work. I just need to get through tomorrow and then I can sleep and sleep. Went to the mall yesterday with AC and SG though. That was really fun and relaxing and not school related…just what I needed! What I need now? Some quality time with Isaac which will happen Monday night more than likely. Thanks Mom for teaching me how to take a manual blood pressure. Hooray!