Business in the front, party down the back.

That’s right. A mullet.

This is a random post about a family who was here for a day in the PICU. I’m really only putting it here for the amusement of my mother who enjoys any story where a mullet comes into play. And, well, I feel some back history is needed to put it all into perspective.

So, yesterday we had a patient who was hit by a car. She was in pretty good condition considering the situation. Althoguh she broke her right arm and shoulder, she was walking and talking just like normal. Now, I’m from California, so I’m still not completely used to the really thick southern drawls and sometimes the extent of the carefree attitudes of people who live out in the country (like her family does).
The Charge Nurse for the night asked her how she got hit by the car to which she replied “Oh, playing Hide N’ Go Seek with my cousins”.

“Wow,” the nurse replied, “well, I guess you didn’t do a very good job at hiding since the car sought you out.”
The thirteen year old stared at her with a blank face and said “Huh?”
The nurse repeated herself, trying to explain her joke. “I was just saying you didn’t do a very good job at hiding….cause, you know, the car sought you out.”
The girl shook her head again and stared.

Later, when the family was in the room, the girl needed to use her bedside toilet. She hitched up her gown and frowned at her brother over the shoulder exclaiming, “Alright! Don’t ya look now!!”

The nurse asked her mullet-having mother, (business in the front, party all the way down her back to her waist) is the girl was up to date with all her immunizations. The mom frowned and said “well, hold on now, i ain’t her momma, i just got married to her daddy so i don’t know all of that now.”

The girl later told us about the stitches she got on her foot after stepping on glass while shooting their pit bull who needed to be put to sleep for fighting other neighborhood dogs.

She went out to the floor today and is feeling much better. Success!

  1. OMG! Im dying laughing….

  2. I have to say… you are so your mother’s daughter!!! Good job Candace! ROFL

    • mom
    • December 15th, 2008

    LAWL!!! I need you to tell me this in person so I can get your whole visual on it!

    Love you!

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