The first 2 weeks…

I am, hopefully, back with more regularity!! X-mas is only a week away and the hubby and I are ever-so-slowly (at a snail’s pace) getting settled in our new home.
I will highlight some of the key events from our first 2 weeks:

-Setting up the Christmas tree and spacing the ornaments out perfectly.
-The kittens climbing the tree, knocking down every last ornament, and spreading them across the Man Cave floor perfectly.
-The first family get together.
-Starting to paint the bedroom.
-Not finishing the bedroom but needing too.
-Finally getting in a habit of getting the dishes done right away instead of after TV shows.
-Having the old dishwasher break and ruining our brand new good habit.
-Isaacs car breaking down and being fixed again!
-Finishing both of our semesters in school.

I think we are off to a great start!!

  1. I got your message about dishwasher.. did your mother not have you take out a home warranty?? It should be covered for the first 90 days under that. But happy to send you money for new one. Be happy to do that. Ill call you and we’ll arrange that or.. Ill buy you one and have it delivered.

    • Well, we had the option for it, but it only replaced the one we had with the exact same brand and year. With all the appliances being so old, we figured we would rather just get new ones whenever that time came. It really would do no good to get the same model

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