Craigslist Deal…almost a Steal!

So, we are moving from a one bedroom apartment to a full sized townhome. What does that mean? We need more furniture.

I shamelessly stalked Craigslist for days in search of the best deals on the perfect pieces of furniture for our new home. We have most everything we really need. The only things we were really hurting for were some couches. We needed one for the living room and one for the Man Cave.

As of now, we have a futon from Ikea. Only thing is that it’s kinda hard and not something you can sink into. Being creatures of comfort, my husband and I agreed to splurge on two couches if we could find them for cheap. And so, the search began.

Now, all the reasonable looking couches were $100 and over. To be honest, we didn’t have two hundred bucks to blow on furniture. We didn’t want to break into our savings or closing cost money. And really, we didn’t want to spend that on something we didn’t really need.

There was a beige sofa and a green sofa sleeper that looked super comfy and had caught my eye. We planned on leaving the futon upstairs along with another sofa for maximum seating and putting another downstairs. The sleeper would be perfect for when we had guests stay and for when Isaac and his brothers wanted to unravel the bed and sprawl out during a Halo 3 marathon.

So, the emails and negotiations began. Needless to say, I got the beige sofa down from $50 to a whopping $35. She also gave us the really nice coffee table and matching end table for free.  Green sleeper sofa was desperate to get the couch out of his house for lack of room, so I got that for $50 instead of the $100 he wanted.

Time spent on computer: 3-4 hours.

2 sofas, coffee table, and end table: $85

Uhaul: $20

Knowing your house is fully furnished w/o spending too much $$: Priceless

  1. Thats my girl… !!! My baby makes me so proud… Damn!!! 😀

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