I’m Alive!

That’s right everyone, I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet. But if you looked at my calendar for November, you would see that I truly had not one minute to spare.

Tomorrow morning, Isaac and I will close on a townhome! It’s only about 3 minutes away from the apartments we’re in now in a super nice area. We get use of the 10 mile trail and are 2 minutes away from the clubhouse. Things are looking up!

It’s two bedrooms, two and one half baths, each bedroom has a walk-in closet and private bath. We’ve got a deck with a gorgeous view which will actually be upgraded to a brand new deck in the next couple of months (thanks HOA fees).  The main floor has a kitchen, bathroom, dining area, living room, and an entrance to the deck. The upper floor has the two bedrooms, other 2 baths, and hall closet.

AND THEN, we have a 600 square foot basement with a utility room for our washer and dryer along with storage. There’s another hall closet for extra storage. The basement is going to be the Man Cave for Isaac, his four brothers, and the video games!

Also, we have not one, but two new additions to our family….



Kittens!!! No human babies yet! Geez, what were you thinking? Haha. I’ll post pictures from my laptop tomorrow (I’m at work right now). Their names are Dexter (the all black cat who looks like a minature panther) and Mabel (the grey and brown furry one with the face of a lion). They are nearly 3 months old and are as cute as can be. They’re so needy for human attention! They love to follow us around from room to room and take naps with us.

I will take plenty of pictures and post them up as soon as we get settled in. Promise!

Thanks for all your love and support!

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