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How was everyone’s holidays? Ours went well. And the house looked as if a tornado blew through! More updates soon, I promise!!

Countdown to school: 7 days.



I love the holidays. I love Christmas. I do. The spirit of giving gifts that are carefully thought out without a hidden agenda of getting something in return… well that’s just super! The family gathering together and eating good food while enjoying each other’s company….I love it.

My parents have cut back on the holiday extravaganzas, but I’m finding the same to be true of all of my friends’ parents as they are getting older as well. It must just be a parent thing. You do it for so many years, you start downsizing. I guess the more they downsize, the more I upgrade.

I have this thing about needing roots and home. So, Isaac and I are inviting everyone over this year. I decided last year that if nothing else, I’ll make Christmas happen the way I remember it as a kid.

Presents are already wrapped and under the tree. I’m very excited.


One of the blogs I like to check out online is Wanderful. Check it out!

It follows Mark and Katie and their Chihuahua Mister on the road trip across America. I follow them across the map and envy them since this is the trip that Isaac and I are planning. Green with envy I tell you!

They are pretty hilarious and take gorgeous pictures.

And that’s all she wrote.

New look and such.

So, as you can see, the blog has a new look and title and such.

I got my nursing school schedule, email, passwords, etc. in the mail today which means my journey is really beginning. School starts in two weeks and two days. Im a bit nervous though to be honest. But so excited!!

You’re Sooo Asian!!

“Here you go Teddy,” I said, tossing him his mail.
We share a mailbox and happened to have a paystub and red envelope a piece.

I opened the red envelope first revealing a holiday card from my two nurse managers. Well, that was nice!
I turned to my paystub next.

Teddy was opening the red envelope and looking inside. “What’s this?” he asked.
“No money in there,” I replied, “I already checked.”

“What?? But…they’re red envelopes!!” he exclaimed.

“Man, you’re so asian.”

::cue laughter::

(For those of you who don’t get why this is funny, in Asian traditions, on holidays or birthdays, people often times receive red envelopes from family members with money inside as a sign of good luck and fortune.)

You’re so sexy…kinda.

My husband is cute. Like more than cute. Like I have to double take and stare cute.

He’s one of those people that doesn’t have to put any effort into their looks. Isaac is a perfect example. He rolls out of bed 12 minutes before work, takes a 2 minute shower, throws on his clothes and drives the 6 minutes to work- hair still wet and all.

This morning was another one of those mornings where he made me double glance and try to recatch my breath. He wasn’t doing anything spectacular. Just looking for some socks and walking by in his black pants that hung perfectly on his waist and a grey wife beater undershirt that showed off his muscles nicely.

“What?” he asked me.

“Oh, it’s nothing,” I replied turning around to face the computer.

He shrugged and slipped on his shirt. I turned around to say bye before he headed to work and took a moment to admire him….

..and his inside out shirt.

After a few seconds of convincing, he finally turned his shirt right side in and headed off to work.

Yeah, that’s mu husband. Inside out shirts, pants tucked into socks, the works. He is sexy…kinda. In a really disheveled way. I love it. And him.

I wrestled a crackhead!

“How was your day?” I asked my husband after answering his phone call during my overnight shift at work.

“Great!”, he replied, “I wrestled a crackhead!”

I worry for him sometimes, but I have to laugh. His enthusiasm for his job cracks me up. And, well, it is what got him 3 promotions in exactly a year.

Criminal justice is his calling.