House Hunting

That’s right, everyone! House hunting. Isaac and I are looking to buy our first our first home- and it actually looks possible!

Neither one of us want to rent and put money into something we can’t keep. So we found this great little house on the really good side of town (only a few minutes away from where we live now) for 130.000 and would need a downpayment for 7000. Turns out the NC has a great first time buyers program that will help with the downpayment for up to 7000 and we fall right in the bracket!!

Im calling the lender tomorrow…wish me luck!

  1. hmmmmmmm I love you honey. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. I doubt either of you have enough credit or job history to get this house in this market. Please don’t get your hopes smashed. Even WE had to put down a deposit of get this… 35%! And there were many lenders who wouldn’t touch US!

  2. I couldn’t disagree with Amber more.

    I know you are an Obama supporter so there is no need to live within your means.

    Get a loan you can not possibly afford to pay then you can have your loan renegotiated because… after all everyone deserves to own their own home.

  3. Alright, for some clarification, we are just looking into things. And just because I like Obama doesn’t mean that I’m trying to live outside of my means. One has nothing to do with the other.

  4. lol don’t listen to him honey – he’s just grumpy… and loves to get your goat.

    Go Obama!

  5. P.S. Maybe if Obama gets in, the economy will turn and we’ll have a decent market and stability for you to buy into! We can expect more of the same with McLame!

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