Debating in Mississippi

I went over to my friends house the other night for an Obama party. We had dinner, talked, and watched the debate. It was great!

The debate itself was very interesting- there may not have been a knockout winner according to, but I was swayed further. I didn’t have anything against McCain before, I just liked Obama’s policies more. But I can honestly say that after the debate, I can whole-heartedly say that McCain’s smugness and arrogance totally turned me away from his platform even more.

Have you ever had that teacher where you didn’t want to ask any questions because he just scoffed and laughed with his shoulders like you’re an idiot in front of the whole class. That’s the impression that McCain tried to give off the whole night. I love how he peppered his speech with sad stories and huffed in the microphone while Obama was speaking. Such childish disrespect.

I got into my own debate with one of my friend/classmates/coworkers a few days ago. Randy wanted to talk about how he thought that people were going to go to the polls, black people mind you, just to vote for a black man. But I argued that just as many people would go to vote against a black man.

Much more followed including an argument and heated discussion. Yuck. Politics.

The debate the other night between the VP candidates was pretty interesting also. I thought Palin did better than expected but Biden was the victorious one. Palin, to me, just kept turning the questions around to energy which seemed to be the only topic she was well versed in. And throwing around the term “maverick” when cornered. Not to mention the “McClellan” mixup. Biden was polished and polite and stated the facts.

What do you think about all this?

  1. So you like Obama’s politics.

    Which specific policy of his do you like?

  2. To state a few:
    I like the fact that he wants to bring the troops home efficiently and quickly (on scale), i like the ways he wants to go about investing in childhood education as well as renewable energy.
    I think McCain has got some okay ideas, but they are, for the most part, temporary.

    What do you think about all this?

  3. 1.”I like the fact that he wants to bring the troops home efficiently and quickly (on scale)”

    If this happens, this will be the first time in history that an enemy of the United States will be (essentially) given a surrender date. Therefore the Taliban (like the one who killed my son-in-law Sgt. Buddy James Hughie (Google him)) will just sit back and simply wait until the US and coalition forces leaves. If that happens before the Iraqi forces are ready to fill that role then all the lives of our family members would have been lost for nothing. I think that is dispicable. Buy hey, my famioy has only paid the ultimate price.

    2. “i like the ways he wants to go about investing in childhood education as well as renewable energy.”

    The Democrat party has been against drilling for more oil. We need more drilling to help hold over until other forms of energy can be utilized. BTW isn’t Obama against nuclear energy? Didn’t Bidon say no coal fired plants?

    It’s great to say that we want this or that but it is quite another to say how in the world it will be paid for. Additionally, it is ultimastely the parent’s RESPONSIBILITY to educate their children. Not the government’s. A child can get as good an education their parent(s) want them to get as long as the parent(s) are willin to become involved. I have tons of experience in this area.

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