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Too good to be true.

The house inspection came back clean, our loan was approved, the house was getting more and more perfect for us each time we went to visit. And now:

Everything has fallen apart. Because the loan officer did not know about the house needing to be built before 1978, we are now ineligible for the downpayment assistance program for first time homebuyers that we have been banking on. We missed it by four years.

I knew I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up like Isaac didn’t. But everything was coming along so effortlessly, it was so perfect- almost too good to be true.

And now, we aren’t going to be able to get the house because we don’t have the 4000 to be able to put down before the end of November.

And the likelihood of us finding another perfect house that we like before the end of November is unlikely. Which is when we have to let our landlords know if we are renewing our lease or not. And month-to-month renting is just way too expensive.

Today is a hard day. I’m just a tad depressed. I got far too excited for the house and had fallen even more in love with it during the home inspection the other day. Ugh.


Quick Update

We are officially in escrow! Things are moving along quite nicely. I’ll be more relaxed once we actually have the keys though…
Work is going well as is school. Sorry for the lack of posting, I’ve picked up some extra shifts and have gone out of town a couple of times. I’ll post about my New York/Philadelphia trip soon.
Hope everything is well with you!

Our House!

So, Isaac and I have been on the prowl for houses. We found a great one we loved as earlier stated and got approved for the loan and put our offer down today. If all goes well, we’ll have the keys in our hands on November 26th. Huzzah!

Recipe of the Day

This is a quick and easy fix that is quite delicious! Bonus, most of these things are jsut laying around the house!


– 1 box penne pasta

– 1 package of sausage (I used Chicken and Apple)

-1 bag of greens (I just stuffed a handful in a bag at the supermarket)

-3 tbsp. of garlic from the jar or 1 clove fresh garlic

-Olive oil

-Salt and Pepper


In a pot, boil the pasta on the stove for about 11-13 minutes, so that it is not quite cooked all the way through, and then drain it. In a large pan, combine olive oil, sausage, and some greens with a dash of salt and pepper to taste. Cook the ingredients on medium and add drained pasta to it once the greens have started to wilt. Cook all the way through for another 5 minutes. Yum yum, dinner’s done!

Or lunch.

Or, if you’re like my husband, both. The prep time took 5 minutes, cook time took under 20 minutes, and we were left with an amazing dinner and equally amazing lunch the next day!

House Hunting

That’s right, everyone! House hunting. Isaac and I are looking to buy our first our first home- and it actually looks possible!

Neither one of us want to rent and put money into something we can’t keep. So we found this great little house on the really good side of town (only a few minutes away from where we live now) for 130.000 and would need a downpayment for 7000. Turns out the NC has a great first time buyers program that will help with the downpayment for up to 7000 and we fall right in the bracket!!

Im calling the lender tomorrow…wish me luck!

Recipe of the Day

A lot of you can relate to me on this I think. I know when Isaac and I got married in February and moved in together, one of my first thoughts was “Oh crap, cooking!”
We both work full-time, go to school 2 days a week for 4 hours plus manage homework and studying time for these accelerated courses, and try to spend as much time together as possible. So where do I have the time to fit in cooking and cleaning? Growing up with a single mom, I can see how this is a struggle for a lot of people.

I decided that as I find new methods to make the work easier as well as quick-fix recipes, I’ll post them up here for you all to enjoy! I know for some of you, this will all be common sense, but I know others are playing the learning game like I am. Hopefully some of these ideas will help you as much as they help me.

Meat Sauce and Rice

This meal was super quick to make and delicious to boot. It makes for a great lunch or a late night dinner where you want something healthy, filling, and not too heavy. This meal fits all three criteria. Isaac and I had it for dinner last night for the first time and it was a hit!

What You Need:
2 lb. Ground Turkey (or any ground meat of your choosing)
1/2 onion
Tomato sauce
OR substitute the tomato sauce/spices with regular spaghetti sauce

Before you start makign the meat sauce, put on a pot of rice (or pasta).
You take a skillet and set the stove to medium. Spray the bottom of the pan with a cooking spray or some vegetable oil. Put in the ground turkey (or other meat) and let it brown slightly on both sides. After about 4 minutes, add onions to the pan and mix it all together. After another 4 minutes or so, add in the spaghetti sauce. I like to use the mushroom flavored Prego cause my husband is wild about it, but you can use whatever kind you like. Let that heat up and finish cooking all the way through for the next couple of minutes. It shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes altogether. Really, only 10 minutes if you cook it on medium-high.

When done, serve the bowls with a thich layer of rice and a generous helping of the meat sauce on top. Serve with a freshly tossed salad and perhaps a piece of French Bread. Delicious and quick! It’s visually appealing as well!

(Next time I make the meal, I’ll add a picture to this post.)

In the 10 minute gap between the meat sauce finishing and the rice needing to end, its easy to wipe up the counters, wash up any dishes, get your dishes ready for serving, and set the table.
It’ll make cleaning the pot and pan and dinner dishes much easier after the meal.

Back to the Basics

Hello, hello, I hope your weekends are treating you well.
I’m at work, per usual, for today, tomorrow, and Monday.

So while I’ve got a free moment- I want to take a minute to get back to the basics. When I first started this blog, it was really with the intention of journaling everyday life of a married youngster who is trying to not screw it all up.

But with pollitic fever, most of my posts turned into my thoughts on certain topics. So, I would like to catch you up on what I’ve been up to since I last wrote.

I have:
-successfully finished all my homework making a B as well as my online test making an A for
anatomy class.
(Huge success as I failed anatomy in high school for not turning in my homework. I’ve
matured somewhat.)
-learned a few new recipes which I would like to share with you
-developed a new way to get the cooking and cleaning done in between work and school
-successfully cleaned my house.
(Also made it messy again.)
-obtained the first book of the Twilight series at the peer pressuring hands of my friends.
(Also learned from said friends that I need to finish the book so I can go see the movie in
late November.)
-learned how to play tennis.
(Isaac played varsity tennis in high school and has been trying to get me to play since we
first started dating. I actually took to it fairly quickly and am surprisingly addicted to it
-We played yesterday morning before work and then again at midnight. Fun!
-got in an argument with a friend about politics.
(We’re all better now I think/hope. Argh.)
-balanced my checkbook.
-spent time with my sisters.
(One is eleven and the other is three. And they are a hoot. For example, the 11 year old
will kick my butt in the Wii while the three year old likes to play soccer)

All in all, I think it’s been a pretty successful week!
So, I’ll finish this post and go straight into another cause I think the two don’t tie together. Hope your week went well!