Rant of the Day

Alright, now when it comes to my husband- I am his number one fan, lobbyist, groupie, whatever. And when someone offends him, it offends me doubly.

With that being said, I’m going to rant about a major corporation: Target.

I’ve got to say, I love Target. I adore it. I worked there for two years in the Starbucks and sometimes on register and really enjoyed myself. It was a great way to pay the bills during high school and all of the higher-ups liked me. As a customer, I love being able to get my groceries and shoes at the same time. It’s convienent and clean.

And today: Target let me down.

My husband works at one of the local Targets in a higher up position in the Assets Protection division.  Now my Auntie Amber came to visit a few weeks back and gave us an e-gift card to buy something fun and luxorious. Isaac and I love electronics so we debated between getting an X-box and a Wii. Turns out, the e-gift card that you buy online can only be used online. So we called corporate and explained the situation and they happily sent us a hard gift card to be used in the store.

With X-box’s being cheaper we decided on that. However, after going to GameStop we realized that we liked the games for the Wii better. We had thought that the games were pretty much the same across the board. So wrong.

With receipt in hand, Isaac tried to return the X-box so that we could exchange it for a Wii. Rather, he tried to return one item to go back and buy a more expensive item from the same store.

The guest services employee told him that the serial numbers didn’t match up. Confused, he asked what that meant. She said that she didn’t know, all she knew was that the serial number didn’t match up and the computer wouldn’t let her return it. She asked if he had the card he used. He didn’t have the empty gift card but he did have his check card where he spent part of it. But, for whatever reasons, it didn’t work and they told Isaac to come back with the gift card if he could find it.

After much looking and searching, neither one of us could find the gift card and so we figured it had gotten tossed out after the weekend cleaning. He went back to work and pulled up the video footage of him purchasing the X-box.

But Guest Services said, nope- still need the gift card.

I tore the house apart and found it. We tried to take it back and they told us the serial number wasn’t the same. What likely happened is that someone returned the X-box fraudulently and then we bought it. So now the serial numbers aren’t matching up.

Yesterday, when Isaac went in to work, he was questioned by an assortment of higher-ups trying to see if he was trying to return the item fradulently. Trying to see if the same person who has caught more people in the last year than all the previous ones in his position, the same person who they have promoted twice in less than a year, was trying to steal from them and return an item…which he is on camera buying…so that he could buy a more expensive item.

How does that make any sense at all. I am ever so pissed.

  1. That would piss me right off as well. You know. What really gets to me is that honest people are too obvious to really scam anyone. And some people just don’t see that. They must either think your husband is stupid for going back time after time or just not up to scratch themselves. I’ll go for the last one.

  2. That’s what I’m talking about angryafrican!

  3. right…..

    I had bought the extra $50 certificate as discussed but I wasn’t feeling good and now have houseguests. Uncle David and I were going to surprise you and send you extra money from gamestop for extra needed stuff. So this is what Im going to do. Im going to send you the receipts for the giftcards. If need be, I will personally call the damn store manager and sort this crap out. I am not having this! I am PISSED.

    THe F**&Kers! Don’t worry honey, Auntie will fix this.

    I love game stop. I got everything from there.

  4. WTF

    Dont you just love corporate stupidity, keep us posted if it all gets sorted – or is it already?

  5. Thanks Aunt Amber!

    And WTF is completely right Sanity….no updates yet, the hubby’s been out of town since thursday and wont be back till manana.

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