Gas Shortage continues!

Well, Nashville was all out of gas just a few days ago.

And I almost was too!

Leaving work in Chapel Hill, my low fuel light came on. I knew there was a station just 2 minutes up ahead near my house so I waited. I got there and parked and looked up to a big sign that said “all out or Unleaded Regular…”

But, I need unleaded regular. So did my tank which was still glowing with the Low Fuel light. I went across the street and there were bags on all the pumps. I’m really starting to panic at this point because there wasn’t another gas station for a bit and I was afraid of having to use my Triple AAA card at 10 at night after a long shift. I was tired and hungry.

However, in one pump there was a bag missing. I pulled up to it and it was a pump for some unleaded regular. My lucky night! I filled up and went home happily.

Moral of the Story: Don’t wait until the last minute to fill up your tank.

  1. I heard about your shortage on the radio today. Tough times.

  2. I love how the world thinks America has everything and yet you guys still have power outages, fuel shortages and everything else! Hope the fuel gets pumping again soon, know that one well yurgh!

  3. Poor baby…. *big hugs*

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