Three three three

I was tagged by Ambermoon

3 Joys

  1. My husband
  2. Our night dates
  3. Concerts

3 Fears

  1. Not being good enough/succeeding
  2. Not being able to do everything
  3. Heights

3 Goals

  1. Get my RN and possibly become a NP or CRNA
  2. Travel the world
  3. Have babies

3 Current Obsessions

  1. The Office.
  2. Indian Food/Naan, mostly Naan
  3. Massages

3 Random/Surprising Facts

  1. I’m learning break dancing and lion dancing (think Chinese New Year).
  2. I can hold my own in a fight despite my size.
  3. I am absolutely fascinated by languages and cultures.
  1. I loved your list! I especially loved that you love Indian food and Naan bread! Great! A curry on order for when you guys come to visit.

    Holding your own in a fight. Hmm I am not at all surprised. You are your mother’s daughter and come from good stock. I would expect no less.

    The Office – hmmm

    Have babies šŸ˜€ But not for YEARS please! Im not ready to be a grand Auntie yet!!!!

    Travel the world…. ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!

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