Greetings From the PICU

Yup, blogging from the desk again! I just wanted to write and say hello and thank you to all my new readers- thanks for all your support and comments!

Update: My 2 year old friend moved out to the floor and is going to be okay! The custody battle carries on still. Unfortuanately, there is no way to technically “prove” the mother was responsible (even though she put him in that environment…) and so she may still get joint custody. And that angers me.

I had my first lion dancing class yesterday and I must say…it rocked! I decided to keep  up with it, so that’s what I’ll be doing every Wed. night! Tomorrow is my break dancing class and I’m excited for that as well. I’ve been out of the dance world for 5 months after 2 years of continuous dancing. It’s been a rough 5 months. I finally feel as though I’m back in my element again though! My body is killing me from the workout yesterday though. I’m so not fit. Skinny? Yes. Fit? No. My mother likes to call it the “skinny fat”- Skinny on the outside, out of breath after a half a run on the inside. Oh well, I’ll fix that soon enough.

And Saturday, I turn nineteen. Woot! My husband likes to think he’s so much wiser and older than me cause he’s already nineteen- but I mean, he’s only 6 months older than me. Ridiculous. Not even 6 and a half months, but 6 exactly. To the day. ::Sticks out tounge at Isaac:: So there, I dont care what you say- Ha!

Hope your weekend plans are shaping up well, I’d love to hear what you’re doing!

  1. Awww…. Im glad you are having fun. You’ll be fit in no time! Better than your couch potato Auntie!

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