My Faith in Humanity…

Today I’m finally going to deviate away from politics and talk about something real. Something that really matters. Not that my general dislike for Palin doesn’t matter, but this is real talk right here. I’m sharing something that was an amazing act that touched my soul to very core.

Update in the PICU- my 2 year old friend I wrote about in an earlier post is getting better! He’s come off a lot of tubes and is breathing for himself again. Huzzah!

So this patient right next door is just a little baby with a plethora of visitors. One of those visitors was the patients bigger sister who had to be about 8 or 9. She noticed that the 2 year old next door didnt have any visitors except the nurses and HUCs (my position) who went in and hung out with him.

The next day, she came in with a big Spongebob balloon that could be attached to his crib. It went on right away.

The day after that she passed by his room with her mother and said “Mommy, look they put up the balloon!” The nurse told her how sweet she was to do it.

The little girl just smiled happily at the little boy for a few moments before continuing on into her room. Days later, the balloon is still on his crib.

And there you have it. My faith in humanity has been restored for a bit longer.

  1. This gave me floor to brain goosebumps, what a beautiful token of compassion and in someone so young. Touches my heart so, beautiful.

  2. That is beautiful honey. Truly. Children can be so amazingly kind…. and see what adults fail to.

    This is a lovely reminder..

  3. It’s the small stuff that matters isn’t it? The caring without even thinking. Beautiful story. Mayb you have a balloon next to your bed forever.

  4. You lost me whith your opening statement on Palin.

  5. Mssc54: That refers back to my 3 or so previous posts about Palin. I was deviating from talking about that topic for a change because I wanted to talk about something that I thought had more depth. I was just clarifying that my previous posts still mattered, just in a different way.

    Angryafrican, Amber, and SanityFound: I’m glad you appreciated this story and that it touched you as much as it did me!

  1. September 15th, 2008

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