Working in the PICU

Working in the Pediatric Intensive Unit, you see all sorts of things. Which leads me to my topic for today: Child abuse.

We’ve got this kid who is totally beat up. I’m talking adult sized bruise mark to the gut, cigarette burns on the ankle, a mysterious patch of skin missing from the bottom of the foot. And a stomach that was kicked so hard that this kid’s intestines had to be cut and sewn back together because it was so damaged. And he’s two.

So, what do we do about kids like this? We have the mother who is trying to blame all this damage on an eight year old and is still trying to come in and visit like she has full parental rights. I don’t think so. Pishaw. This lady is crazy! She came in and argued with us just last week because the hospital police wouldn’t let her come in because the courts had taken away her custody.

What are your thoughts on cases like this and mothers such as this?

    • lyndamac
    • September 7th, 2008

    The courts get it wrong sometimes too you know.I am not saying this child here was abuse.I do know of innocent parents who are falsely accused by doctors who are NOT qualified or poorly trained by expert witnesses here in the UK.
    I know a 16 year old model her parents respectable civil servants Dr David Southall near damn killed her with a misdiagnosis. Over 20 years he has done trials here the internet is a place were we all have a story to tell.
    Talking of violence I will want a public Inquiry what is going on with my child being placed with a violent man , when all I was ever accused of was a mild for of msbp ?
    All it too was cancer for my son to be made a referral to social services. I want to know about UK2003 ALL trials , doctors who remove children, people look for a trial or an interest in research when families are falsely accused.

  1. Touchy subject for me – My first impulse is to say that parents such as those should be given life sentences, at the very least they should be punished. Some people should just not be allowed to have kids. I feel so sorry for that child, so very sad. I admire you, I don’t think I could do your job.

  2. Its one of the things that breaks my heart in this world. One of the things I fear for you to see as my baby… especially becoming a nurse. You will see these things in your life and I so want to shelter you from its horrors.

    I think they should take the mother away and throw away the key. That poor baby.

  3. SanityFound: That’s the same thing my husband says all the time! And thank you.

    Amber: 🙂

    Lyndamac: I totally agree. Sometimes, docs do jump to conclusions. And I’m so sorry for families who have to endure that. In this case, there was an overwhelming amount of evidence that shows this was indeed abuse. I just chose to leave out the nitty gritty detail so that I don’t come into a HIPAA violation.

    • sky
    • September 11th, 2008

    yes working in PIcu or combined ICU is a battle most of the times.a battle between the doctors and the death angle and the battle between pediatricians and anesthetists who think they know better that pediatricians in managing a child and they do the whole lot of blunders-not all but some of them or rather quite commonly a lot of them- i am afraid i am not cruel enough to commit that its all the aneasthetist as i know so many of them who work hand in hand with the pediatrician to safe childrens.Thus the main reason why the pediatricians should have the PICU for themselves to manage their patients along with their intensivist anyway.Pediatricians understand more and better the mechanism of child physiology and they tend to manage them more carefully with tender caring on the other hand aneasthetist(some but not all)think that they know better than pediatricians and create and explode bombs in the ICU managing children-abruptly cutting of the ionotropes rather than slowly weaning of the ionotropes,abruptly changing ionotropes rather than slowly tapering one and introducing another one.god safe these children from aneasthetist-i salute to those aneasthetitist who have helped me million times in managing and saving children and i pray for those who cause blunders.and i think this to a certain extend amounts to child abuse if we look at it carefully as depriving the child of the chidl’s right to live.

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