Let’s Talk About Palin

This is just me, but I can’t stand her.  And I thought her speech from September 3rd was ridiculous.

For one thing, introducing each member of her family was fine and all- but tell me how is that going to affect the common man, the working man. How is a mother of five, one of those five a newborn with DS supposed to juggle that and manage to not be at home because she got caught up in a meeting? People want to talk about Obama being away from his children? Let’s talk about Palin being away from her five. Let’s talk about Palin being away from her soon-to-be-born granddaughter.

She claims that everyone will be behind her to help love, support, and raise the baby- but if you aren’t at home then I guess you won’t be much help.

“Drill, baby, drill” was a popular slogan being chanted at the NRC that night and I could not have been more disgusted. She admits that drilling will not solve all of our problems but claims it is better than doing nothing. McCain stated in his speech that he wants to create change now so that “some other sorry generation” won’t have to clean up our messes. But drilling into Alaska and sucking it dry will do just that. Obama has got the right idea about using biodiesel fuel and working to use more renewable resources such as solar power. Those are the ideas that help solve energy problems and is a plan that is more than temporary.

Palin wants to talk about McCain’s tax breaks. Sure! Tax breaks for big business corporations. Not taxing our incomes but taxing our healthcare benefits. I think us Americans are already having enough problems with trying to afford our healthcare packages.

And when the majority leader of the Senate said that they could not stand John McCain, as Palin happily announced in her speech, he meant just what he said. You see, her trying to twist what he said and put words in his mouth about not wanting to stand up to McCain really irritated me. Because nowhere in that simple sentence, “I can’t stand McCain” does it say anything about not wanting to be able to stand up to him. And I feel that a Republican referring to our Senate, who has been supporting Bush for the last eight years, as a do-nothing Seante is probably on the wrong side. And I personally do not want a “maverick of the Senate” to be leading my country, thanks.

    • Special K
    • September 6th, 2008

    You have a lot of good points here and I agree with you. I watched this woman on TV and was in awe of her trite diatribe! She’s scary and I believe if a RARE chance the Republicans win, she will kill or have McCain killed so that she can become president. She’s not trustworthy and she reminds me of the sick parents who will kill the hockey coach if her kid doesn’t get a chance to play. America should be very afraid of this gun toting self-absorbed sick woman who has a real dark side.

    • Laney Maree
    • September 6th, 2008

    Thanks for your comment Special K and welcome to my blog! I’m glad to see someone else out there feels just as strongly. Dark side indeed.

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