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Sunday Secrets

I love Postsecret. Ever heard of it? It’s this online community that was started by Frank Warren a few years back. People anonymously send in secrets on postcards and they are put up in every week. What originally started off as an art project has now turned into a phenomena and has resulted in four books. Check it out!

Secrets are updated every Sunday. Yum.

My not-so-secret-anymore:

I’m the most secure in myself now than I’ve ever been.


Another entry

Mmmm, one more day till Isaac comes home! He’s been a a bead show with his brother bringing home the bacon.

Back history: Isaac’s dad, whom we all call Baba (pronounced Bubba), owns his own bead shope on the 15-501. <plug> It’s called Rare Earth Beads, check it out! </plug> Anyways, as a part of the business, they go out and do these shows where there are loads of vendors. Normally Baba goes with them, but for the first time they went on their own.

They left on Thursday and I’m am anxiously waiting for their return tomorrow night. Very excited!

I need to:

-fold clothes. Everything is stuffed in a laundry basket.

-go grocery shopping. Plus side, I cleaned the kitchen and the fridge. Downside, fridge is awful bare now. Luckily, yesterday was pay day.

-sleep. I’m falling asleep at my PICU desk right now.

-do anatomy test online. And sociology reading.

But most importantly, sleep. Tah-tah.

Oh! Another thing, I read an article about this guy and this girl who gave up their apartment and are embarking on a road trip across the US in their little camper tent. Very cool! I would love to do that! But after it took so long to get a washing machine, I don’t know how I’d feel about giving that up.


Hope your weekends are all going well!

Rant of the Day

Alright, now when it comes to my husband- I am his number one fan, lobbyist, groupie, whatever. And when someone offends him, it offends me doubly.

With that being said, I’m going to rant about a major corporation: Target.

I’ve got to say, I love Target. I adore it. I worked there for two years in the Starbucks and sometimes on register and really enjoyed myself. It was a great way to pay the bills during high school and all of the higher-ups liked me. As a customer, I love being able to get my groceries and shoes at the same time. It’s convienent and clean.

And today: Target let me down.

My husband works at one of the local Targets in a higher up position in the Assets Protection division.  Now my Auntie Amber came to visit a few weeks back and gave us an e-gift card to buy something fun and luxorious. Isaac and I love electronics so we debated between getting an X-box and a Wii. Turns out, the e-gift card that you buy online can only be used online. So we called corporate and explained the situation and they happily sent us a hard gift card to be used in the store.

With X-box’s being cheaper we decided on that. However, after going to GameStop we realized that we liked the games for the Wii better. We had thought that the games were pretty much the same across the board. So wrong.

With receipt in hand, Isaac tried to return the X-box so that we could exchange it for a Wii. Rather, he tried to return one item to go back and buy a more expensive item from the same store.

The guest services employee told him that the serial numbers didn’t match up. Confused, he asked what that meant. She said that she didn’t know, all she knew was that the serial number didn’t match up and the computer wouldn’t let her return it. She asked if he had the card he used. He didn’t have the empty gift card but he did have his check card where he spent part of it. But, for whatever reasons, it didn’t work and they told Isaac to come back with the gift card if he could find it.

After much looking and searching, neither one of us could find the gift card and so we figured it had gotten tossed out after the weekend cleaning. He went back to work and pulled up the video footage of him purchasing the X-box.

But Guest Services said, nope- still need the gift card.

I tore the house apart and found it. We tried to take it back and they told us the serial number wasn’t the same. What likely happened is that someone returned the X-box fraudulently and then we bought it. So now the serial numbers aren’t matching up.

Yesterday, when Isaac went in to work, he was questioned by an assortment of higher-ups trying to see if he was trying to return the item fradulently. Trying to see if the same person who has caught more people in the last year than all the previous ones in his position, the same person who they have promoted twice in less than a year, was trying to steal from them and return an item…which he is on camera buying…so that he could buy a more expensive item.

How does that make any sense at all. I am ever so pissed.

Gas Shortage continues!

Well, Nashville was all out of gas just a few days ago.

And I almost was too!

Leaving work in Chapel Hill, my low fuel light came on. I knew there was a station just 2 minutes up ahead near my house so I waited. I got there and parked and looked up to a big sign that said “all out or Unleaded Regular…”

But, I need unleaded regular. So did my tank which was still glowing with the Low Fuel light. I went across the street and there were bags on all the pumps. I’m really starting to panic at this point because there wasn’t another gas station for a bit and I was afraid of having to use my Triple AAA card at 10 at night after a long shift. I was tired and hungry.

However, in one pump there was a bag missing. I pulled up to it and it was a pump for some unleaded regular. My lucky night! I filled up and went home happily.

Moral of the Story: Don’t wait until the last minute to fill up your tank.

Movie Madness #1

Hello hello, haven’t written in awhile. I’ve been swamped with school and work but I think I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

As some of you know, my husband and I are addicted to good films. We were both film majors last year until we switched.

So I will attempt to put up a movie each week, maybe more, that I think you should check out!

This week:

The Darwin Awards– This comedic film starring Joseph Fiennes and Winona Ryder is the directors remake of several darwin awards.

For those of you who don’t know, the Darwin Awards have been around since the mid-1980s and are named after Charles Darwin. The award is given out to someone who kills himself or renders himself sterile in a particularly “stupid/accidental” fashion.  They are also awarded for (and this sounds a little morbid/sad) “doing a service to Humanity by removing themselves from the gene pool”.

There are 5 criteria that must be met in order to receive a Darwin Award. Nominee must be dead or sterile, have ridiculously stupid judgement, have been the cause of own’s demise, capable of sound judgment, and the event must be verified.

Here’s a few examples of awards recipients:

-One man was killed in 1994 by a coke machine toppling over on him after his hand got stuck trying to steal a soda out from the drop slot.

-In 1993, a police officer tried to show a coworker how another officer had killed himself the week before. During the reenactment he accidentally shot himself in the exact same way and died in a car crash driving himself to the hospital.

-Finally, earlier this year, a man in Italy driving a brand new Red Porsche Cayenne drove onto a set of train tracks as the bars were coming down. He couldn’t make it across and sat there for a minute confused as to what to do (according to onlookers). He finally got out of the car and started running….towards the train. Apparently he was screaming and waving his arms about shouting about how he wanted to save his car. The owner was killed and the Porsche received very little damage.

The movie recreates/investigates some of those awards in a documentary style. It’s not a big-award winning movie, but it was entertaining and thoughtful and the acting was well-done. It was shown at the Sundance film awards also, I believe but don’t quote me on that.

If you’ve got Netflix, the movie is on the Watch Instantly panel which is where I saw it. So, enjoy!

Three three three

I was tagged by Ambermoon

3 Joys

  1. My husband
  2. Our night dates
  3. Concerts

3 Fears

  1. Not being good enough/succeeding
  2. Not being able to do everything
  3. Heights

3 Goals

  1. Get my RN and possibly become a NP or CRNA
  2. Travel the world
  3. Have babies

3 Current Obsessions

  1. The Office.
  2. Indian Food/Naan, mostly Naan
  3. Massages

3 Random/Surprising Facts

  1. I’m learning break dancing and lion dancing (think Chinese New Year).
  2. I can hold my own in a fight despite my size.
  3. I am absolutely fascinated by languages and cultures.

Like a Virgin

I’m back!! I had a wonderful birthday spent with cake and cookies and learning how to ice skate. Now I’m back to the wear and tear of work and school. Speaking of which, I just learned how to draw and label an axial skeleton.

Without further ado, my topic for the day: Like A Virgin.

What is the emphasis that we place on virginity nowadays? It’s so very important to consider who we give ourselves to and when and how. I personally was very careful with that even before I got married. In my head, even kissing someone is giving that person a part of yourself- never mind everything that comes after that.

I have a friend who’s cousin got pregnant at 12. That cousin is 24 now. I’m only 5 years away from being 24 and I have to say, I could not imagine being that age and having a kid who is literally half my age and in middle school. That truly boggles my mind.

At the VMA’s (Video Music Awards) this year, several young artists were teased for wearing purity rings…and most of them were only 15!! That is the opposite of wrong to be 15 and a virgin. Probably TMI and too personal, but I didn’t lose mine until I was seventeen. And I’m only stating that to prove my point that it’s okay to be a senior in high school and a virgin. I have a classmate who is 23 and still waiting for marriage. Kudos to her, I say!

And of course, there’s nothing wrong with passing out your V card early as long as it is to the right person and for the right reasons. I honestly think it is something you will regret to a degree if it isn’t done in the right way.

So, you might be thinking this is all valid (or not?) and nice and all…but how did I get on this topic? Some of you may have already heard about this, but I haven’t had a chance to write about it until today.

A 23 year old girl going by the pseudonym of Natalie Dylan, is selling her virginity to pay for college. She tried to auction it off on e-bay but they withdrew her auction. So she went on the Howard Stern show (talk show host now on Sirius satellite radio) and is now selling her V card to the highest bidder! Now, don’t be mistaken- she’s not just selling it to any old guy…she wants someone with chemistry.  So they’ll continue to accept offers until she finds someone she’s satisfied with.

How did this come about? Apparently, her father took out student loans in both her and her sisters names and kept all the money for himself while they were still young. Thus, leaving them with no options for financial aid to pay for school. Her sister took a different path to help pay for school: she poses for the Bunny Ranch.

Dylan supposedly heard a story about a Peruvian woman who did the same thing to pay for her mother’s medical bills and decided to “capitalize on what [I have]”.  She also claims that although people may condemn her for her choice- she feels as if this is empowering. I mean, what better way to pay for a Masters degree in Women’s Studies!

After submitting to a lie detector test and a gyno exam to prove that she really is a virgin, Dylan will put herself up for auction on the Bunny Ranch website.

So here’s my question to you:  Do you think it’s morally acceptable to do this? Is it a reasonable way to raise money for a Masters Degree? I personally can’t get on board with it, but hey, that’s my opinion.

Let the games begin.


I just wanted to add this in for clarification. This post isn’t written to judge or condemn this girl. It was simply written because I think it’s fascinating that a subject that used to be considered so taboo to talk about, something so personal is turned around into this day and age as something that can be capitalized upon publicly. As something that can be sold on the internet of all places! I’m question is, how do you feel about that? Being able to sell something so personal online. You can leave the girl out of it if you like b/c, once again, this isn’t written to condemn her.