A long day

We lost two of our kids today in the PICU. One was only seven months and the other was a mere three weeks.

I didn’t know the latter too well, but the former- I loved him. He was the sweetest baby with the softest hair. I loved going in and letting him hold my fingers and wave them about.

It was a long day.

On another note:

McCain has picked the governor of Alaska to be his VP. Ridiculous. He only chose her because she’s a woman. I keep hearing around work how people like Obama but are a little scared. Scared of what? Change? Bull. Anyone who has heard or even read transcripts of his speeches would hear the hope in those words. He is the only one to touch on abortion, gun rights, and gay rights. Every President-to-be spouts off ideas folr change, but none actually outline in complete detail how that change is going to be brought about.

Until now. McCain chose a woman who, fairly enough has a compelling history, has no real experience in running this country. A man who is 72 and has had cancer on four seperate occasions should not have chosen a governor in her first term to make his case. There’s a difference between a young, optimistic hope like Obama’s and then young inexperience such as Palin’s.

I mean, really.

Tomorrow I send off my paper which allows me to register to vote for the first time ever. Hoorah! Don’t forget to register yourself- it truly is important.

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