Ahh, so I just woke up about an hour ago and am getting ready for the day. Need to accomplish my homework, taking my old desktop to my Great-Grandmother’s house, finish the laundry so it doesnt get musty in the washer, fix dinner as Isaac and I both have class tonight from six to ten.

And now, I have to fix Isaac. Well, I can’t really. That’s not possible unfortuanately. So, his dad has high blood pressure and heart things and I totally just fucked with his head not on purpose. I was explaining the realities of high BP and whatnot and he was already frustrated at his dad for not going to the gym. I think my “realities” did not make things any better.

Which leaves me in a pickle. Of wanting to kiss the boo boo and make everything bad melt away, and I can’t.

Damn it.

Alright, homework calls. Oh US History.

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