New Beginnings?

A fresh blog, a fresh approach.

“The beginning is the most important part” ~Plato

To start off I guess I’ll let you know a little bit more about myself. If you hit that nifty link to the right “Behind the Keyboard” that should give you the basics. But there isn’t too much excitement in basics.

So I’ll start off with a little “About Me” Q&A and will get more on track another time.

—3 minutes later—

Alright, I hate to do this, but I fibbed about the Q&A. I originally typed in About Me Quiz into the Google toolbar and nothing came up except for thousands upon thousands of quizzes to plug into your Myspace. I mean, really?! The idea that there are that many quizzes to plug into your profile is absurd! You can only show viewers that your favorite color is red (which mine is) or that your favorite animal is a turtle (also a true statement) so many times.

So a list will be better?

Food: Indian, Mexican, Asian;

Race: Black/Chinese, also known as Blasian or Blackenese

Occupation: Student/ Health Unit Coordinator (fancy word for secretary/receptionist)

Weakness: Electronics. My Dell is my baby. Massages are pretty up there on the list though.

Addiction: The show Intervention

Hidden talent: Dancing. I’m about to start Breakdancing classes on Sept 12th.

Hometown: West Covina, CA

Current location: North Carolina

Height: 5’3″

Skills: Baking, sleeping, watching Indie movies, reading, river hiking

Current Faves: (book) The Final Cut, (movie) Final Express, (song) Cookie Jar- GCH, (food) Chicken Curry

I’ll write my objective on the next post.

  1. Sorry I got distracted with the word “Cookie Jar” – great song but its better food yes

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